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Backyard Carnival Birthday Party

Yesterday my eldest son turned 7 and we had an amazing carnival themed party. This was an idea I had back in February and after months of conceptualising, planning and DIY it was great to see it come to fruition – and even better to see how much fun my son and his friends had (not to mention the grownups).

Early in the morning I was out back setting up the stalls and giving the garden a fairground atmosphere with some bunting. We had 4 game stalls – Angry birds Tin Can Alley, Space Invaders Roll-a-Ball, Ball & Bucket a Shooting Gallery – a stand alone Hook a Duck game, and a snack stall.

When the kids arrived they dove straight in.

Archery was very popular, and I managed to send the kids home with all the eyes they came with!

Face painting went down a treat!

And candy floss making sessions drew a big crowd.

Kids young and old enjoyed the photo booth 😀

But by far the most popular part of Backyard Carnival was Splash Dunk and the Wet Sponge Stocks. The kids loved soaking the grownups and each other in equal measure!


Backyard Carnival

Since the weather here has taken a turn for the worse and put the completion of my compost tumbler project on hold I thought I’d take the time to talk about a future project I’m very excited about.

Even though summer is still a long way off I’ve been kind of obsessing about an idea for outdoor parties called “Backyard Carnival” which was inspired by some carnival stalls I saw on Pinterest.


The intention is to recreate some carnival games in the garden using pallets and anything else I can get my hands on. I have a Pinterest board full of inspiration (read: ideas I’m going to steal) and almost every day I take a look at it and have a little daydream about how amazing this summer is going to be, especially if the weather allows for an outdoor party on my son’s birthday in July and we can have a garden full of happy, laughing children enjoying the carnival theme.

Ok, here’s the truth: I really want to play some carnival games! More specifically, I want to shoot targets with a cork gun, on a shooting gallery I’ve made.

So, here’s what’s going to happen. I’ll use full pallets as ready made stall fronts, then cut down a pallet to about a third width and attach it as a marquee. Then I’ll knock up some simple support stands, paint the pallet boards in alternating red and white and hey presto, I’ll have a backyard carnival stall! At least, that’s how easy I imagine it…

Constructing the games will be a little trickier but shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. I’m sticking to the classics: the aforementioned shooting gallery, tin can knock down, ball and bucket, skee ball and roll-a-ball. I should be able to make them almost entirely out of reclaimed materials like pallet wood and plumbing so as I drive around I’ll be on the lookout for useful bits and bobs.

This is one project that I am really excited about. It’s definitely brought out the inner child in me!

Wish me luck, and stay tuned for updates in the future!