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Pic-post: Plastic Bottle Tool Tidy


Like mother like son

We’ve been to visit my mum today – Saturday is tea at Mum’s. While we were there I went out back to put some hanging basket brackets up for her and what do I see?


These look familiar! By a strange coincidence both me and Mum have been cutting up old milk cartons in pretty much the exact same way and making further use of them. While mine are home to my nails and screws, Mum has been growing stuff in hers (or rather, the kids she childminds have). What a great idea! I’ll have to bear this in mind for my container allotment project.

Milk carton screw and nail storage

Had a tough morning battling with my compost tumbler project so I came inside to de-stress. However, I couldn’t sit still so made a start on upcycling some empty milk cartons I’d been saving. Not so much a DIY Project as a Blue Peter task, but rolling out the “sticky backed plastic” provided some much needed respite from physically and mentally wrestling with the tumbler, and at least now I can feel like I’ve done something productive today! That said, I’m still a long way from having a tidy shed!

What I used:
An empty milk carton
A picture hook

Time taken:
2 minutes

How-to (Slideshow):

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