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Small Pallet Storage Shed

A fairly quick and easy pallet build that I completed over a couple of weeks in 2016. It was mainly used as a bike shed but could just as easily have been utilised for other sorts of storage.

Total cost: £15 (shed felt)

Full album on Google Photos


Recycled Pallet Wood Lawn Edging

A couple of months ago I had the idea of using pallet wood as a cheap lawn edging solution. Lawn edging is something I’d wanted for a while but with around 80m to cover the cost was always prohibitive.

When I first thought of using pallets I tested out some self made stakes along a metre stretch and really liked the results. So, for the last two days I’ve been making hundreds of pallet wood stakes and making my way around the lawn. I think the result is great!

The wood is untreated so it won’t last forever but since pallet wood is free and these stakes are so easy to install I didn’t consider the benefit to be worth the cost and effort of treating it.