Backyard Carnival Game 4: Hook a Duck

The Backyard Carnival birthday party draws nearer and as well as working on more stalls (of a new design) to house carnival games, another game is ready to sit beside ‘Angry Birds Tin Can Alley‘, ‘Ball & Bucket‘ and ‘Space Invaders Roll-a-Ball‘.

Bucket and rubber ducksThis was as easy as it gets really since nearly all the components were bought (for next to nothing) from either ‘pound shops’ or eBay. There was just a small amount of Blue Petering, ie. fashioning a rod from one of the pieces of an unwanted play pen (a garden cane was my first thought and would work just as well, if not better, but I had this to hand).

Hook a duckAt first I screwed small hook eyes into the rubber ducks but this made them slightly top-heavy and prone to tipping over mid-game. I also had some reservations about the difficulty of hooking the ducks like this as the hook eyes were very small.

Magnets, rubber duck, super glue With that in mind I recalled the magnets I’d bought earlier in the year for a shooting range carnival game and decided to put some of them to use here. A few drops of super glue later and we were ready to play! See the video below of my son (whom Backyard Carnival is for) giving it it’s first test drive.


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