Reclaiming the Backyard: Stage 1 Complete

The sun came out today, nicely coinciding with the first day of my week off work, so I’ve been out and chopped the last pieces of scrap wood and had a bit of a tidy up.

A successful clear up

It’s so refreshing to have all that open space back! Navigating this area had become so difficult; at it’s worst there was just a narrow path meandering through pallet mountains! With all this space I can once again work comfortably – and safely!

Now I’ve got somewhere to store the usable wood I’ve been de-nailing in Reclaiming the Backyard Stage 2.

I still have a wheelbarrow and dumpy bag (each full of builder’s sand) in this area but there’s not a lot I can do about that until the time comes to use it (which would require a project to use it on).

As a bonus I also had time to give the lawn its first haircut of the year. Happy days! 🙂


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