Reclaiming the Backyard Stage 2

I still haven’t got any ear defenders which means no power sawing for now. As a result, Stage 1 of reclaiming the backyard is incomplete, but, that said, it is very near completion and looks so much better than it did a week or so ago.

Stage 1
Stage 1

As you can see, most of the pallets and pieces of scrap wood have disappeared whilst my wood store has filled, but not all the wood has been chopped for the wood store. On my last delivery of wood late last year there was so much that I had to store some at the top of the garden and this became a sort of “good wood” repository (at least that’s what I told myself, though on inspection the goodness of some of the wood can be called into question) and it’s been added to ever since. Very quickly this area became a disaster zone!

Good wood?

The task at hand now is to properly organise this mess, including de-nailing all the loose pieces of wood (of which there are many) so that I can recycle it all into something useful, like that dog pen my neighbour asked me to make so long ago! The pallets here are in very good condition and will be the backbone to many structures I have planned, like a coal bunker, a tool shed, and stalls for the Backyard Carnival, as well as some vertical herb gardens I’d like to make.

Good wood?The loose pieces will first contribute to my neighbour’s dog pen before being used in the other projects I have planned, like small box planters and carnival games. It’s a mammoth task, maybe even bigger than stage 1, and I’m not looking forward to it one bit, but the light at the end of the tunnel is that at some point I will have a tidy and organised backyard, and, more importantly, I’ll have lots of organised wood to make things!

Wish me luck, I am definitely going need it!


3 thoughts on “Reclaiming the Backyard Stage 2”

  1. If you’re in a bind for hearing protection just run to your local store and get some cheap foam earplugs. I did competition shooting sports for years growing up, and invested a lot of money into premium ear protection. I keep going back to the cheap foam disposables though. 50 pair for $10.00 at my local Harbor Freight. I stash a few pair all over the place; in my truck, in my wife’s car, in the shop, in my range bags, in tool bags, etc. It’s no big deal when they get lost, and I’ve always got an extra set if someone is helping with something.


    1. Thanks for the suggestion Robert. The ones I am waiting for are actually very cheap and the only reason I ordered online was to save a few extra pence (I am such a cheapskate!!) – I know I’ll have to wait that bit longer and it will hold up any noisy jobs but I just get on with something else while I wait (which sometimes is a blessing!).

      You’re probably right though, I should have a stash even if just for back up as I may not always have the option of shifting onto a quiet job.

      Thanks for reading 🙂


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