Reclaiming the Backyard! Part 3

Gone in a flash!

It would be nice if that was a metaphorical reference to how the pile of wood and pallets has disappeared at the hands of my new mitre saw and how this part of the backyard has been restored to picturesque serenity; unfortunately it’s a literal reference to said mitre saw and how it met it’s untimely end.

I’ve been using the saw for an hour or so each day, making short work of the pallet pile (or mountain, as it seemed to be at its worst) until late yesterday afternoon when, eight days after I purchased it, it emitted a shower of sparks from the engine and died. Noooooooooo!!

Dad to the rescue

I returned it to Lidl (feel free to question my judgment in buying power tools from a discount supermarket – I certainly have) and took my money elsewhere. Unfortunately every similarly priced saw in Wigan was out of stock at reputable DIY stores so the reclamation slowed until my dad brought me one from B&Q in Bolton today on his weekly visit.

Mitre saw #2
Mitre saw #2

Hopefully this one will last a bit longer! It does feel like a better build quality than the original so fingers crossed. Unfortunately though I’ve not hit my target of reclaiming the backyard within the week so I’ll have to keep going at it. With any luck I will be done very soon because I’m eager to get on with other projects. I’m conscious of the fact that a few weeks have gone by since I promised my neighbour a pallet fence. She will think I’ve forgotten about her! 😀

Filling the wood store

Wood storeAs you can see, in the last couple of days I’ve made some modifications to the pallet wood store, namely fixing some slats to the fascia of bays 1 and 2 (kindling and small scrap respectively) to keep the scrap wood I’ve been chopping during the reclamation from falling out. With this done the intention was to get the remainder of the wood cut or sorted for use, but I only got about an hour’s use out of the ill-fated saw before it went kaput. I’ve almost filled bay 2 though, and the kindling bay is looking healthy but there’s still a bit more to do. I’ll need to make a similar modification to bay 3 (medium to large scrap) before I can fill that, which I’m hoping will be very soon indeed!


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