Reclaiming the backyard!

Since late last year my backyard has been rather swamped with pallets and scrap wood following a couple of deliveries that I had neither the time nor inclination to deal with.

Since then I’ve been concentrating on building a compost tumbler in what little daylight and dry weather we’ve had in recent weeks, though from time to time I’d chop a bit of pallet wood, feeling quite futile in doing so.

imageThen two things happened: I finished the tumbler and bought myself a mitre saw. In the last couple of days I’ve been whizzing through my pile of wood, literally. In fact I’ve chopped more wood in a couple of days than I would have managed in at least a week with my circular saw. I’ve practically filled my new wood store and will soon replenish the original store.

The pile of pallets is finally being tackled, and at pace! With any luck I’ll have reclaimed the space within the week. Then I can fill it back up again! A neighbour has asked if I’ll construct a sort of pallet dog pen for her to keep her dogs safe in the garden, so I need the space to organise my good quality pallets and get some more.

Fingers crossed for the current sunny weather to continue!


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