Milk carton screw and nail storage

Had a tough morning battling with my compost tumbler project so I came inside to de-stress. However, I couldn’t sit still so made a start on upcycling some empty milk cartons I’d been saving. Not so much a DIY Project as a Blue Peter task, but rolling out the “sticky backed plastic” provided some much needed respite from physically and mentally wrestling with the tumbler, and at least now I can feel like I’ve done something productive today! That said, I’m still a long way from having a tidy shed!

What I used:
An empty milk carton
A picture hook

Time taken:
2 minutes

How-to (Slideshow):

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6 thoughts on “Milk carton screw and nail storage”

  1. My favorite screw and nail storage is the plastic coffee cans. We drink a lot of coffee at work so there’s always some available. If you use a french-cleat system you can attach a cleat strait to the can and hang it wherever you need it. Let us know how the milk jugs hold up. We drink A LOT of milk at my house.


    1. Sounds like a good recycle. Milk jugs are probably one of the easiest things for me to get hold of, whereas we don’t drink much coffee (and even then it’s a glass jar). I’ll let you know if they come crashing down at any point! 😀

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