Welcome to Backyard DIY

After a couple of years pottering around out back, knocking up the odd wood store, bike shed and box planter out of anything I could get my hands on, I thought it was about time to start tracking my progress and sharing my projects with a blog. So here we go!


As you can see I have access to a lot of pallets so a lot of my DIY is pallet-oriented, but I’ve come to appreciate that just about anything can be recycled into something useful, from milk bottles to beds, from used tyres to discarded plumbing.

My DIY projects are motivated by my needs as a gardener, homeowner, husband and father. The wood store you can see above is my second one to date and will be home to scrap wood and logs that will see us through cold winters and save us a few pennies in the process. Other projects have included a bike shed for the kids, box planters for my container allotment and a compost tumbler (coming soon!).

In the future I hope to make some cool additions to the kids’ play area, get my shed and tools organised (finally) with some nifty storage plans, and build my wife the summer house she’s always wanted (well I can dream!).

Stick around to see if I get any of it finished!


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